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Thursday, October 27, 2011

a little about... Chad Rohrbacher

Chad Rohrbacher, crime fiction word slinger, joined in with his story "Outside the Dream"

What inspired your story?

When I was young, there was a kid named Eric who lived across the street. He was always in trouble. Generally the trouble was drug related, and even if he wasn’t high, trouble found him. We were both in 6th grade and now that I have kids, it seems so young to be doing some of the things he was doing. For this story, I didn’t just want to write about him, the hopelessness, the desperation, and the bad luck. There is enough of that. In my story, Eric is saved. I think we all need that. Redemption. Hope.

What makes this cause important to you?
I have three daughters. I can’t imagine some of the things these kids go through. I don’t want to. Shoot, I tear up during father daughter commercials. When I hear real stories of what some of these kids have had to deal with instead of just being kids….
It’s such a small thing, to write a story, but hopefully it can help – even if just a little.

Tell us a bit about yourself and where to find more of your writing.
I’m originally from Toledo, Ohio, though I spent time in Louisiana and South Carolina. Currently I live in NC with my family, dog, cats, fish, hamster, and birds. I teach at NCA&T and enjoy it quite a bit. I have some stories up at Beat to a Pulp, Crime Factory, Silver Blade, Needle Magazine, Twist of Noir, and others. Snubnose Press is publishing my novel, Karma Backlash, next year. You should check out their other titles; I’m in great company.

You can contact me via: www.chadrohrbacher.com or on Twitter as @chadrohrbacher

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  1. Chad thanks so much for taking part and for all of your support. Let's hope our joint effort makes a little difference.