41 writers. One cause. We've rallied a platoon of crime, western, thriller, fantasy, noir, horror and transgressive authors to support PROTECT's important work: lobbying for legislation that protects children from physical, sexual, and emotional abuse.

Powerful stories from George Pelecanos, Andrew Vachss, Joe R. Lansdale, Charles de Lint, Ken Bruen, Chet Williamson, James Reasoner, Charlie Stella, Michael A. Black, Wayne Dundee, Roxane Gay, Ray Banks, Tony Black, Les Edgerton and 16 more, with 100% of proceeds going to PROTECT.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Now available in Trade Paperback

The anthology is now available in trade paperback at Amazon and Createspace for $9.99
Free shipping worldwide at The Book Depository

Available for $2.99 in e-book form, for:
iPad in the Apple iBookstore
Amazon Kindle (read it on your computer with Amazon Kindle Cloud Reader, or on your phone with the Amazon Kindle App)
Nook at Barnes & Noble
Kobo, Sony e-reader and download as PDF, epub, mobi or Viewable Online at Smashwords

30 powerful stories from around the world to benefit two children's charities: PROTECT: The National Association to Protect Children (www.protect.org) and Children 1st Scotland (www.children1st.org.uk). 

Stories by David Ackley, Kevin Aldrich, David Barber, Lynn Beighley, Seamus Bellamy, Paul D. Brazill, Sif Dal, James Lloyd Davis, Roberto C. Garcia, Susan Gibb, Nancy A. Hansen, K.V. Hardy, Gill Hoffs, Fiona "McDroll" Johnson, J.F. Juzwik, MaryAnne Kolton, Benoit Lelievre, Veronica Marie Lewis-Shaw, Vinod Narayan, Paula Pahnke, Ron Earl Phillips, Thomas Pluck, Sam Rasnake, JP Reese, Chad Rohrbacher, Susan Tepper, Luca Veste, Michael Webb, Nicolette Wong and Erin Zulkoski.

It began as a flash fiction challenge when Fiona Johnson and Thomas Pluck donated $5 to PROTECT and £5 to Children 1st for every story at Ron Earl Phillips' Flash Fiction Friday and Fictionaut. Now we have collected the 30 best stories to benefit these two charities.
Join us and make a difference while you read 30 great stories genres by writers from the U.S.A., Poland, Hong Kong, Portugal, India, Scotland, England, Canada, and one told by a Lost Boy of the Sudan to his teacher.

Approximately $2 per e-book sale and $4 per print book sale, depending on retailer, are donated for each sale. The full royalty paid by the retailer goes to these causes (50% to each). Ordering from Createspace gives the greatest donation of $5.49, and Barnes & Noble the least, $1.94. The first week of each month, detailed sales and donation reports will be posted here.

If you don't have an e-reader: you can download the Kindle for PC or Kindle for Mac app, the Nook for PC App, Nook for Mac App or view it online at Smashwords, or download it as an Adobe PDF file. You can also read epubs on the Adobe Digital Editions reader for PC and Mac.
And of course, you can order a print edition!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Contributor Chad Rohrbacher interviewed

Chad Rohrbacher, who wrote "Outside the Dream" for the anthology was recently interviewed at the Crime Fiction Lover website:

Interview with Chad

He talks about the anthology and his book Karma Backlash which is due out next year.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

No Rules, at Psycho Noir

Heath Lowrance, author of The Bastard Hand and the Psycho Noir blog, handed co-editor Thomas Pluck the microphone to spread the word about the anthology for his series No Rules.

Check it out: NO RULES

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Now available in the iBookstore for the Apple iPad

The Anthology is now available in the Apple iBookstore for the iPad, so iTunes users can get it directly for the iPhone and iPad.

A print edition is in the works, and will be available through Createspace and Amazon soon.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Review by Wayne Dundee, author of the Joe Hannibal P.I. series

THE LOST CHILDREN is a collection of 30 stories that is noteworthy for two reasons: First, the quality and theme of the stories are powerful and important; Second, the proceeds from this undertaking all go to two worthwhile charities—PROTECT (The National Association to Protect Children @ http://www.protect.org/) and Children 1stScotland @ www.children1st.org.uk). If you are unfamiliar with either of these organizations you should follow the links and check them out.
 The collection of stories presented here came about as a challenge issued by editors Thomas Pluck and Fiona Johnson on Ron Earl Phillip's (the third editor of this anthology)Flash Fiction Friday website. Pledges by Pluck and Johnson for each story submitted resulted in an initial $600 being generated for these worthy causes. The idea for this follow-up anthology soon materialized and THE LOST CHILDREN is the result. The haunting cover by Sarah Bennett Pluck and Danielle Tunstall instantly sets the tone and the flash fiction-style stories that follow are equally haunting and powerful and as painfully timely as today's headlines. The stories are not pleasant and few punches are pulled, but the message driven home again and again demands to be heard: The abuse and neglect of our young is not only horrific and damaging to them as individuals but, unchecked, it threatens the fabric of our souls and our future as a so-called civilized society.

Wayne Dundee is author of the new western Dismal River and the Joe Hannibal P.I. series. His website is http://www.waynedundee.com/

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Get a taste with Seamus Bellamy's story at the Flash Fiction Offensive

David Barber, editor of The Flash Fiction Offensive and contributor to the anthology, chose Seamus Bellamy's crime tale "Larry" to showcase the book. It's a gripping tale and will give you an idea of the talent that contributed to our anthology.

Larry by Seamus Bellamy, at The Flash Fiction Offensive

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Now available at Barnes & Noble for Nook

The anthology is now available for Nook users at Barnes & Noble:


I have also updated the original post.